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Bhutan the Land of Peaceful Thunder

Sovereign kingdom of Bhutan travels High mountains, dense forests, green valleys and traditional culture Bhutan’s heritage. Bhutan is the only religion in the world, where all laws are considered to be the laws of God. Bhutan’s fascinating nature and tourist attraction cannot be ignored. In all, Bhutan is an experience that you can not find anywhere else in the world.


Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan’s biggest attraction. Located in the Silvan Valley on the banks of the Thimpu, Thimpu city traditions and ethnic Bhutanese art, architecture, cultural heritage. Unique flavors of Thimpu will force you to come here again and again.

What to watch

This Jang Thimpu Valley gateway built in Simetokha Jang-1627. Thimpu is the oldest Rengan School for Junga and Monastic Studies. Fresco and Slate Caves are a special attraction of Sigatoka. Thimpu Jung Fressres of the Glorious Religion) In 1661, this Jungle Thimphu city became the center of the city. Here are the main government departments, the National Assembly, King’s Throne Room and the Summer Meticulous Body’s Graceful Headquarters.



Memorial Corton

This stupa was created in 1974 to pay homage to Bariji Wangchuk, the third King of Bhutan, Jigme. The interior paintings and statues reflect Buddhist Philosophy. Thimmu’s journey on foot is not comparable with the outdoors experience. Do not forget to go to the weekend market.

Thump to Punakha

Dokula Pass is reached by the drive, in Punakha, 70 km away from Thimpu. If the sky is clean, the 3050-meter high pass is seen in the entire Himalayan range. Punchha Bhutan is the most fertile valley. Take a look at Pho Chu and Mo Chu River and of course Punakha Rong. Besides, you can also see National Library, Handicraft Esprayum, Painting School, and Traditional Medical Institute.

You can

Without Thimpu, Bhutan has many other interesting places. First, you can take a chat with Paro, a small town located in the Himalayas. There are several storytellings around Paro. And its natural beauty is not like that of forgetting. Especially in the spring season is the look of Paro. Take a look at Paro, Para Jong, the National Museum. But the biggest attraction of Pasha is Tiger Nest. This monastery is located on a cliff about 80 km from Paro. The way to walk is also very nice. Bhutan tourism has created a beautiful coffee house here. Accommodation in Paro is less. So it is necessary to book beforehand.


Bhutan’s spiritual heartland is Bumthang. The most important rocks, temples, and mahals in Bhutan are located here. Take a look at the Wangdingleong Palace, the Jambwe Lacking Temple, and the largest Bhutanese Jang Zakor. Walk along the hot spring area. The journey is tough but the path is very beautiful. The Blue Ship, Mask Dear, the Himalayan bear can be seen in this area. In Bomathanga, you can find the best restaurant in Jakarta.

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