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An unidentified white powder in the letter, the troupe’s daughter-in-law at the hospital

Feb 13 (Reuters) – Venecia Trump, daughter-in-law of US President Donald Trump, was admitted to a New York hospital after receiving a letter asking for an unhealthy white powder.
Venecia was opening letters calling her husband Trump Jr., unidentified white powder found in one of them, officials told Reuters news agency.

However, they did not find poisonous after testing the powder, they said.

On Monday, two more people, along with Trump’s daughter-in-law, were also taken to the hospital, New York Police said.

“The substance came in the mail with the letter written by Donald Trump Jr.,” said New York police spokesman Carlos Leaves.

Since 2001, after five deaths of anthrax germs filled with envelopes to various media and MPs, the US authorities have issued warnings against the sender’s post since 2001.

Fire department spokesman Sophia Kim said that after receiving Vince’s complaint, three of them were taken to the Weil Colonel Medical Center in New York for testing.

Venice’s mother is among three, although she is worried about the bad news, police department spokesman said.

According to ABC News and New York Post, citing the unnamed source of the law enforcing agency, according to a letter from Venice that received white powder, it was a postmark in Boston.

New York police refused to comment on this.

“Despite the alarming situation in the morning, Venus and children are grateful for the safe and unhindered existence. Some people who can take refuge in such annoying behavior to express their opposition, it’s really disgusting, “commented after the incident on Twitter, Trump Jr. said.

In a letter sent to Trick Jr.’s brother Eric in 2016, the white powder also found that there was no toxicity in the powders of the service, Reuters reported.

His spokesman Jeffrey Adams confirmed that the security service of the US president’s family was linked to the investigation of the incident.

In September last year, the New York Times told the source that Trump had abandoned some part of the Junior Spying Department’s security cover. Within a week, CNN’s report was also told to reinstate the extensive protection of the Trumpputer.

During the campaigning of the US presidential election in 2016, there is a lot of public interest in Trump Junior because of meeting with a Russian lawyer in Trump Tower. US media has said that Russian lawyer Trump Shibir had offered “information to harm the image” about Hillary Clinton, the rival Democrat.

US Congress investigations on whether the meeting was part of Moscow’s presidential election in 2016, is under investigation

Russia has denied any interference in that election; Trump has claimed that he did not contact Russia with his camp.

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