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Tightening of licence in BPL

If there is no club licence, then no team will be able to play this year’s Premier League. BFF has given such a strong warning Football clubs are ready to complete all sorts of activities to get the fastest licence in the announcement of the Football Association. Meanwhile, the Asian Football Confederation has decided to give more three-four mini-artificial turf to BFF this year.

AFC will also give two crore two and a half lakh taka to Bafoofe by 2020 under President’s project. According to the report, AFC’s development officer Yogesh Desai came in a two-day visit. Two AFC officials Domke Villageand Yogesh Desai, in Dhaka, will be able to see what improvements can be made in BFFF, which can be availed by the AFC for the development of the country’s football in 2018. There has been discussions with officials of different departments of the day.

For the development of football at grassroots level, AFC has given three goals to BFF for the year. There are plans to make more than three to four turfs this year. Yoges Desai said AFC will give BFF 20 million by 2020 under President’s project This money can be spent on the development of their stadium and football in Bafoof. Also, we are now thinking of three or four other turf diaries.



The BPL game was played in a single venue. AFC did not take the matter at all. BFF wants to organize league matches at least 5 venues next season to solve the problem. Bfuf’s general secretary Abu Nayeem Sohag said, a field-centric league, in which it has a strong reluctance If we get more 6 out of the field outside Dhaka, then it will be a little shed if it is shared between two.

The first and the main conditions where the club is licence in professional football, in developed countries. It is always dependent on the will of the clubs in Bangladesh. Regardless of the licence, the clubs have participated in the BPL during this period. However, this is not happening anymore. Before the start of the season, the 12 teams of the BPL have to be cleared. BPL door will be closed either The BFF’s decision to run away from the clubs All clubs participating in the BPL will want to renew the licence within June-July.

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