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Stock market collapses around the world

Japan from the east to America – the stock market collapses everywhere. The Indian stock market is not dropped. On the forehead of ordinary depositors, think of folding. Wall Street has not seen such a big fall since 2011. Think of market share in folds around the world. Experts say that in a day the US stock market collapses 1600 points. Which is not just a thought, but a panic. Shareholders across the world looked at points at the Wall Street stock market. Because, on the basis of the share of the United States, most of the world’s stock index As a result of the collapse of Wall Street, also Japan Stock market collapses. The stock index ‘Nikkei’ dropped to the lowest point of the year. According to sources, the stock index decreased by 4.6 percent at the end of the day.

Not just the United States of America or Japan, the stock market collapses in Asian Pacific countries and in Southeast Asia. Australia’s stock index dropped 3 percent. South Korea dropped 2 percent. In the last 100 days, there has not been such a major collapse in South Korea.

India’s share market is important in the sub-continent. In fact, investment in the Indian stock market has multiplied over the past few years. Experts say Wall Street and Nikkei’s collapse have directly impacted India’s stock index. This resulted in a loss of about Tk 4.95 billion in one day. India’s stock index reached the end of the Sensex and S & P CNX Nifty day and reached the red signal below. Head investors on the head.

This huge collapse on Monday reminds many Indian investors about 2008. That year, due to economic slowdown worldwide, the index of the US stock market collapsed. Many investors of India were facing a huge financial crisis at that time.

Many new shares reached zero. Even after accepting economic losses, the heroics of taking overnight shares fell. As a result, the stock market was further down. It took a long time to deal with the collapse of 2008. According to experts, the time is about three years. However, the collapse of Wall Street in 2011 did not affect India’s market in the same way. But the collapse of the market in India is very durable.

In the last few years, the common man of India started investing a little more than ever before in the stock market. Because of its biggest reason, the Indian government is giving importance to investment in the open market. The bank’s deposits have reduced the interest rates much earlier than before. Four-five years ago, where the fixed deposits in fixed deposits or fixed deposits were 9-10 percent annual interest, in the last two years it has reduced to around 6 percent. The interest savings account of the bank has decreased. Decreased amount of interest in the recurring deposits. In the meantime, if the direct share does not go towards the business, the general people combined with the mutual fund or systematic investment. Which is directly related to the stock market. Banks also started selling mutual funds. As a result, deposits of common people are being deposited in the open market. Depending on the number of shares the interest rates are based on.

In the past few years, the Indian stock market was in normal shape for the deposit of so many people. Long days ago, the big road collapsed. But Monday’s fall has put the thought of the common man on the forehead. Many people think that if the Wall Street does not repair the rapid collapse, the Indian market will be more upset. And in that case, the tendency to raise money in the open market of the common man will also be a little interrupted. It will not be very good for the country’s economy.


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