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Bangladesh the 3rd traveler sending country to Kashmir


Bangladesh was the 3rd traveler sending a country to Indian Jammu and Kashmir, popularly recognized as “Paradise on Earth” closing year after Malaysia and Thailand. All the Bangladeshi think that if they visit hole India, it means they will visit half of the world. That’s why Bangladeshi maximum people want to visit India. For this reason last year Bangladesh was the 3rd traveler sending a country to Kashmir, Leh Ladakh, Jammu.


“We started our promotional marketing campaign in Bangladesh closing year and it is wonderful that we acquired a third greatest wide variety of foreign tourists from right here in 2017 after Malaysia and Thailand,” touring Chairman of Association of Tour Operators of Kashmir (AKTO) Nazir Mir told BSS yesterday. He also added that traveler sending amount will increase after some year.

In 2017, he said around 5,500 Bangladeshi travelers visited distinct places in Kashmir observed by 15,000 Thai and 20,000 Malaysian tourists.
Mentioning that Domestic visitors are the spine of Kashmir’s tourism, he said, “As we are getting solely 50,000 overseas travelers each and every year, now we pay attention extra on worldwide travelers to flourish our tourism industry.”

About the safety issue, AKTO Vice Chairman Nazir Ahmad Tundra stated there is no safety hazard for the travelers at all. “You cannot discover a single unwanted incident around the traveler spots so far,” he said.

Jammu and Kashmir consist of three areas — Jammu, the Kashmir Valley, and Ladakh, he said, including “We get pilgrims for Jammu, households, and organizations for Kashmir valley and youth for Ladakh,” he added.

Tundra stated tourism in the state is enhancing each year.This year, we have lined up many fascinating things to do for the travelers which include fairs, festivals, sports activities and adventure and expect a satisfactory increase in arrivals, he added.

AKTO organized a Kashmir night time at a town resort in Dhaka on Saturday to make a street show on extraordinary thrilling traveler locations of Kashmir.

The ATKO contributors made a visible presence on exceptional tourism aspects of Jummu and Kashmir.


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