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Queen of the hill Darjeeling

Everybody wants to travel around the country and abroad, and if the wandering is on the mountain, where the sky is rocked by the sky, then the Akambakan road is just the imagination state. After reaching some distance from Siliguri, the green tea gardens start then the Akabaka mountain road. The car starts moving upwards at 25-30 km. One time when we met the Queen of the mountain Darjeeling, we were just wondering.

The queen of the hill Darjeeling, in every house of rows of rows of flowers, has increased the beauty of the various flower bouquets filled with flowers, big houses from the house houses on the street look like if you are taking white. In the Darjeeling town, we reached the beauty of the natural beauty.

Hill City Darjeeling:

Where the clouds will come to you. With the help of hands, you can catch the white-black cloud, about 7,000 feet high from the plane, very close to Kanchanjajcha from the city. And the sunshine scenes from Tiger Hill can be enjoyed.The snowfall will be visible in January, this time it is very cold, the white ice layer accumulates everywhere. The best time to visit Darjeeling is from March to June and from late September to December.

Tourists’ Center ‘Mall’

There will be many hotels in the neighborhood of the hill going to the Darjeeling hill. First look at the choice room and then get to the hotel at the price of the rental. Leave the bag in the room and go out wearing hot clothes – for the “mall” terrace here tourists arrive in the crowd. There are many types of food reserves. Turn off the afternoon light breakfast and dosa and tea by 7 pm to see the surroundings around the terrace, then go straight to the hotel. Tired of travel all day long? Eat breakfast at 9 o’clock in the night To wake up at sunrise at 4 o’clock in the morning.


There are around 15 sightseeing spots throughout the day. Tiger Hill and Gangamaiya Park, the most attractive of the 18 scenic landmarks of the Darjeeling hills of the hill. At 4 o’clock the car will take the car and take it from the hotel ‘Tiger Hill’ to 8,400 feet (268 meters) high. Sunday can be enjoyed from now on in the chair. Kanchanjanga K-2, the snow accumulated in the mountains, it seems like a piece of gold. ‘Sleep’ train station will be walking on the sunrise. Which is the first railway station in the world? Batsya loop passing through the ‘sleep’, the mountain’s small park loop. After that, take a little frost and read breakfast, first see Darjeeling Museum, then Japanese Temple, Councilor House, Ava Art Gallery and Dhradham Temple. Then the most interesting points of Darjeeling are Gangnamaiya Park and Garden Rock. In the first place leaving the Rock Garden, it is filled with the heart of entering the Gangamaiya Park, about 3,500 feet from Darjeeling town. Wandering in a small boat in the water accumulated in the park is not bad-no. Check out the zoo and the Himalayan Mounting, in the Ropeway and tea gardens. Then Tenzing Rock is 110 high mountains which can be raised above the ropes. Walk from “Mall” to the Nightingale Park, it takes 15-20 minutes. Located above 7000 feet above the bottom, this park has a Shiva temple, Kristin Shower, Picnic Spot. In this mountain step, this park has a variety of flower gardens, turmeric yellow ingredient is filled with swelling. There are large speakers and audio systems that are installed permanently, to enjoy the entertainment program, there are good arrangements. In this way, you can roam the Darjeeling queen of the mountain.

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