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The way the moon photos can be taken

To see the images of the moon, I think the picture of the moon can be taken. It does not get much time to take photos of the moon. I’m not the expert on taking photographs of the moon. But in the light of what he learned from trying to take photos of the moon, this is the text. Those who want to take Moon photos but they are not good for some reason they can learn a little bit about how I picked up the pictures.

First, you have to decide what kind of picture the moon is seeking. Moon photos in the dark night, moon photos in the daytime, and evening photos of the moon. When to pick up depends on what you want to do with the picture or the moment you want to highlight it.

We used to be quite used to seeing the moon at the day. For this reason, the attraction towards the Moon in the daytime is generally low. But many of us, especially photographer, have different interests towards the moon or night moon. Under the exposure and set of photos of evening and night moon images.

Whatever it takes

It is very easy to take photos of the moon. That’s why the camera will take it. It will take a fairly long lens. I have to have at least 200-millimeter lenses in my opinion. The moon can be taken with the smaller lens but it will be difficult to make the moon as the main product. The most important thing is Tripod. If you do not have tripped tricks, you can do tripod work on anything but such a system is not very useful for taking photos of the moon. Because the moon is usually on top of the head and there is a need to add more to the camera. It’s better to get a tripod more than that. It is very good if there is a cloudless sky, although there will be no difficulty if the isolated cloud. But the clear picture of the moon will be clear in the sky. It is clear that the Khanakhand of the Moon will be very detailed – it is meant to be understood.

Why the tripod is needed
Tripled is the most important thing in my opinion. If you have a long telephoto lens, then it is necessary because we do not have the stability that much of the stability required to take the night photographs with big lenses. And if there are medium-sized lenses such as 200 mm or 300 mm, then it can be possible to crop photos by using a picture of Trips. The moon is often cropping to take a single picture. A sharp picture can be found on the troped cotton crop.


Exposure will depend on the location of the moon, the luminosity, and the time the picture is taken. Remember that the Moon is as dynamic as the Earth and it changes its position in the per second. For this reason, motion blur may come when taking photos of the moon at slow speed. For example, if the moon is at 45-degree angle, then the moon changes very slowly. In such a situation, before the evening before f / 5.6 aperture, any exposure setting between 1/60 to 1/250 – this good picture will come. To be kept at ISO 100.

According to many, it is better to apply the image of the moon to aperture between f / 8-f / 11. But I saw that shutter speed is more important than aperture. I took the minimum of 1/60 and the maximum 1/250. In both cases, we got good results. But 1/125 almost always got good pictures.

Take your camera into manual mode and set it to ISO 100 and take a picture with the f / 5.6 and SATER speed 1/125 depending on the moon’s luminance. Then adjust the exposure as needed.

Take photos
Try to remove as much shock as possible during the photo shoot. For this, cable release can be used on the camera. Use the Delayed Sutter release if the cable is not released. This system has the ability to take pictures of all cameras. Take a look at the camera’s manual on your camera. Try out the 10 second delayed shutter release. Press the shutter release button after 10 seconds. During this time the camera will be fixed. As a result, the picture will be wonderful.

If there is a better way to lock the mirror in the camera. How to mirror lockup can also be found in the camera manual. Note that DSLR cameras have mirror locking options.

Post Processing

Post-pressing has come in many respects. Even if you do not have Photoshop, you can also edit photos on Picasa or Flickr. However, the photo processing of the moon photo is very little. The reason is to take photos of the moon at the right exposure while taking photos. As mentioned earlier, the camera vibration will be reduced to as much as possible. See two pictures below – the first is not edited. Exposure f / 7.1 1/125, ISO 100. All of these pictures are okay, just by contrast and sharpness less.



Contrast has been increased in the Lightroom (+40), the clarity has been increased (+31), the exposure has been reduced slightly (-12) and the highlights have been reduced slightly (-5). And sharpness has been extended a bit. Take a look at the figure of how much it has been increased or decreased. It’s a screenshot taken from Lightroom 5.


The last thing is to spend a little time to take a picture. It is necessary to have time to make the photos processed and publish photos from the planning. If you are waiting for a long time, you can take great pictures. But there is no alternative to planning pictures of cosmic objects.

I would like to know how you take photos of the moon and process it. Please report it. Please contact us for writing about photography or nature. Take pictures, have fun.

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