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Five Famous Treks in Leh Ladakh – Perfect for Trekking Enthusiasts!!!!

Perhaps, few alternative places will claim to be as entrancing and friendly as Leh. Its various landscape presents extensive opportunities for sporting activities like water rafting, ice climbing, safaris etc. No wonder, this fabulous place witnesses an over sized range of tourists throughout the year.This “Land of Passes,” with its stunning depression, jagged mountains, wizard passes and quaint villages, is additionally the last word trekking destination. The many trekking trails here bring you face to face with surreal landscapes. 

Here are three high level famous treks in Ladakh that is perfect for any trekking enthusiasts.

Chadar Trek

During sub-zero temperatures throughout winters, the Zanskar Lake transforms into a sheet of frozen ice. The trekking chance bestowed by it’s referred to as the chador frozen watercourse trek. The route lined by this trek connects villages within the Zanskar natural depression with Chilling on the frozen Zanskar watercourse. Walking over the lake, one gets the sensation of one’s feet slippy over the icy ground.

The immediate close sights like frozen streams and icy glaciers, extremely contains a fascinating impact on the mind. though most of the trekking here is finished on a frozen bottom, there area unit points once one is needed to scale icy rocks further.

Altitude: 3850m

Approx. Duration: 10-21 days

Best Time to Go: Mid Jan- Last of Feb

Difficulty Level: High


Stok Kangri Trek:


One of the most popular trekking routes of Ladakh is that the Stok Kangri Trek, and may be a favorite with skilled trekkers. With an altitude extending on the far side 6000 m, one will need skilled experience to undertake such a tough trek. The complete route is in the midst of complete tranquility, as most of the environment area completely deserted.

The peaks and glaciers close the Stok Kangri Trek offer breathless views to the traveler. The route to the highest is as swashbuckling because it is gorgeous. From the Stok Kangri peak, one is in a position to urge astounding views of the Karakorum Range to the North and the Zanskar Range to the South.

Altitude: 6000 m

Approx. Duration: Eleven days

Best Time to Go: Middle July-Mid Sept

Difficulty Level: High


Markha Valley Trek:


Markha vale Trek presents the contrastive colours of nature to the individual trekking its superb parcel, and is counted amongst the known trekking destinations in Ladakh. This trek is additionally called “tea house trek” as a result of the accommodations that area unit offered in parachute tents at the most of the village’s enroute.

All through the method, one is treated to the sight of marvelous landscapes, inexperienced oasis, quaint villages, monasteries and also the beautiful Kongmaru La pass, situated at 5000 m on top of water level. One will notice The Hemis park set during this region, that is far-famed for its superb diversity.

Altitude: 3700 m

Approx. Duration: Eight days

Best Time to Go: June – September

Difficulty Level: High

Here are two low level famous treks in Ladakh that is perfect for any trekking enthusiasts

Lamayuru to Darcha Trek:


When it involves the celebrated trekking routes in Ladakh depression, none will beat the Lamayuru to Darcha Trek. This trek, that establishes a property with the Zanskar depression, has endeared itself to various trekkers round the globe because of its unimaginable piece of land.

This trek commences from Lamayuru, home to a number of the oldest monasteries in Ladakh, and makes its methodthrough superb passes, quaint villages and silent valleys. Further, throughout the course of this trek, one conjointlywitnesses heavenly views of the Stok and chain ranges.

Altitude: 5000m

Approx. Duration: Eighteen Days

Best Time to Go: July-September


Ripchar Valley Trek:


Ripchar vale Trek, thought of to be one in all the foremost scenic trekking routes in Ladakh, commences close to the Lamayuru religious residence. This is often a bright planned trek that provides helpful insight into the Ladakhi approach of life.

Beautiful rolling pastures, quiet villages and irrigated fields of the Zanskar and range – these are some marvelous sights offered on the approach. Throughout the months of July and August, the complete region is carpeted by flowers, thereby turning into a haven for nature lovers. The trek involves associate degree finish within the region of Chilling, associate degree imposingly massive village, and also the only 1 of its kind to deal in metal works like bronze, copper etc.

Altitude: 4300 m

Approx. Duration: Nine Days

Best Time to Go: June – Sept

Difficulty Level: Low


Through this diary, we’ve familiar with you with all the mandatory data associated with the varied trekking routes in Leh Ladakh like altitude, best time to go to, problem level etc. you’ll choose any specific trek counting on your stamina, good shape and the other needs. we’ve variety of trekking tours to Ladakh that you simply will visit and book with U.S..

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