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Camping in the Sundarbans

Suddenly the traveler of Dhaka’s Sujon phone. Sundarbans camping? I was thrilled to hear. Asked for more details, I will camp on the island of Putin. Though worried about taking time out. I agreed to get the phone from Shamsuzzaman Bhai. Initially, the team of 8 people was okay but we started the journey of Satkhira on 11th of the eighth day of the eighth day on 11th.

Satkhira reached at 7:30 in the morning. The car returned to the restaurant to eat breakfast and eat breakfast. At tea, I sat on the car and at 8:30 Destination is now Nildumur, Shyamnagar, Buri Gaulali Range. I noticed one thing to see the two lanes of the road. There are many cacti grown here. The residents here are using these cactus trees as house fences.

At 10:30 minutes we reached Nildumur market. Everybody went to the nearby market, leaving the bag in the trawler. Admin Sujon became busy buying the necessary supply. Bappi brother bought apple orange Shamsuzzaman brother Neil Safaida Arif Bhai and Kabir Bhai visited the whole market and dumped and lemon polenta. And I found the original Satkhira Ghosh Darius. White curd was such a fun. Sweet curry is also here.

11:45 Let’s shave our trawler. The owner of the trawler Tamzid Mallik Bhai Reazul Islam Bhai and Abdullah brothers are with us for our heritage. Shamsuzzaman’s brother made such a lip in the same way. This is the first game to be made from oranges. The Sundarbans running on both sides see the fascinating eyes. It was not known that the canals are so big. The first thing seen in each other is to do another kind of work.

Two bricks were given at the Doababe Forest patrol in the afternoon. We jumped straight into the pond. The tiredness of the whole night was delayed at one moment. Lunch was given. Menu rice, shrimp, chicken meat. Sitting in the boat is a wonderful feeling to eat in a bracelet. It was an afternoon to see the nature lying on the food after eating. The sun began to fall on the horizon. No deer is drinking water. Some of the Haynes are eating grass, some deer watching us. At such times the life seems so beautiful. Still, Sundarbans camping is the best memorable time in my life.

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