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Boy’s depression is no more ignored

‘Boys do not cry’ – ‘Do not cry for boys’ – A socially established connotation can be said. In the patriarchal society, the boys have been depicted in the age of ages as a symbol of strength and muscle; Why do psychological aspects, therefore, be seen as a feminine issue. However, in many studies, the trend of suicide in homosexual life is three times higher than women. And behind it is frustration or exhaustion, in some cases the ability to handle emotional issues and various mental problems. Thus, the depression of boys increased day by day.

Depression is not a gender-based language in medical science. Anyone can be suffering from mental problems considering the environment. The following symptoms may be more or less seen in depressed men.

Avoidance attitude:

There is a tendency to avoid normal life in many people who are suffering from depression. The tendency to avoid this is actually seen in both children, but most of the time, boys are seen to pay extra attention to certain issues. For example, many people are drowned in the office work day after night, some of them waste the hours in the back of the favorite sports team hours. Again emotional fighting, watching movies in the night, and the tendency to hang out for extra amount can also be seen.

Addiction to Drugs-Alcohol
Alcohol or drug abuse is seen among boys who are depressed due to depression. Many people are seen to be totally dependent on smoking, alcohol or drugs to forget the frustration of personal life.

Behavioral changes
There is a major change in behavioral behavior among any depressed people. In this case, there is a tendency to get angry in the boys, engage in clashes, and join criminal activities. Apart from this, there is also the tendency to do risky tasks such as driving cars without being caring, and the risk of death. Again, the opposite image can also appear. Many people have been seen to be lazy in the workforce, but the laughing-hearted humorous man also became absolutely silent. Another example of depression among men may be skepticism. Lastly, the tendency of suicide is to say. Due to frustration, the number of men going on the way to suicide today is not less.

Do not hesitate to go to the doctor:

People who are suffering from mental problems are extremely reluctant to go to the doctor about this problem. Not to be said, men who have a mental problem can not have psychological problems, such as those who act as the main catalyst for the treatment.

To do

First of all, depression of boys should make the mentality of treating depression as a natural behavior. Otherwise, there will be no immediate solution to the problem.
– In stories or plays, the man should be shown as a normal person by not presenting him as a physical-mentally steelmaker. It is time to acknowledge that the men are equally active in emotional matters and in some cases they are too fragile.
– You have to create a field of open discussion without considering the mental problem as a taboo. It is also necessary to ensure equal participation of women and men irrespective of their participation.
If there is depression, depression, or risky behavior in men, then you will have to take help of psychologists quickly. In order to identify such signs, the primary initiative will be taken from the family.
– Any man with this matter should arrange for regular discussions, free speech or get the opportunity to share with family, friends, and friends.

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