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7 Attractive Features of Gmail

Ever heard that it is possible to bring it back to you if you do not read your mail at a particular time? Or, after sending the mail, did you ever think that the mail has been a little wrong, should it be brought back and corrected? Most Gmail users do not know about some of these attractive features. But if you use these as easy to use your mail, then you can also stay away from trouble. 

There is no importance of dots in the Gmail address.

If you see the dot in someone’s Gmail address, then you will not have to worry about it. If any of your e-mail addresses are [email protected] then you can write to [email protected] or write a little more J.o.h.n.D.o.e. @ This will not make any difference to your e-mail recipient.

2. Return the mail

Attractive features of Gmail include the return of mail. Using Gmail’s free app boomerang, you can send an e-mail, which will be returned to your e-mail after a certain time. You can also specify the time you prefer. When the mail recipient does not open it, the mail will be returned to you.

3. Determine spread your mail

If you put a ‘+’ sign in the mail, you can determine whether the mail is spread. Suppose you have an account on a shopping website. But if you want to see whether your mail spreads to spam by the site, then use the ‘+’ mark in the mail. If your email address is [email protected] then you can write to the email address given on that shopping website: [email protected] You will still receive their mail, but there you will find your address at [email protected] And if you get your email address in a spam email then [email protected], then the shopping website that spreads your email address.

4. Email Notification on the Desktop

Gmail’s attractive features include email notification on the desktop If you check email many times then accept e-mail notifications on the desktop. You will know whenever an email arrives. It is also possible to get email notifications of specific labels in a given email. For this, click on the gear icon in your inbox. Then click on Settings. Then scroll down to the bottom of the Desktop Notification.

5. Delete many e-mails together

Each email in your e-mail inbox has a number. Using these, it is possible to display and delete many emails together. For example, to delete mail from 1 to 25, just display them on a page. Then click on Select All and select all. Then click on the trashcan if necessary then they will be removed from your eyes.

6. After sending the mail it ‘undo’

After sending an important email, if you realize that he has sent it to the wrong person, then there is no more embarrassing situation like him. But you can also survive this if your ‘Undo Send’ option is turned on. For this, you need to click on ‘Labs’ from ‘Settings’. Then scroll down there and get down on the ‘Undo Send’ option. Do not forget to click on ‘Save Changes’ after it is ‘Enabled’.

7. Use different color stars to keep the inbox

If there are many types of mail in Gmail inbox and you want to keep them tuned, then change it like this. First, go to the gear mark. Then find ‘stars’ by scrolling down ‘General’ and scrolling down. From here you can pick up six different color stars and six different symbols.

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